Under United States immigration laws, certain immigrants are allowed to work after they apply for the work permit which is called as EAD (Employment Authorization Document). Asylum is having three basic requirements. First one, applicant should establish that he or she fears harassment at their home country. Second thing; applicant must prove that they would be persecuted on the account of five protected grounds like political opinion, religion, race, nationality and particular social group. Applicant should establishment that government is involved in persecution.

Everything to know about asylum in USA

If you are looking to be granted to work permit for asylum in USA then you must win asylum case or you must wait for 180 days with no initial decision at your application from immigration court or asylum office. After 150 days, you might apply for the work permit. Once you win asylum case then you might not only get right to work in US but also you no need to apply for the EAD. Your asylum grant might allow you to get unrestricted social security card. Asylee is person which is already made it to US border. In case you are eligible to asylum then you might be permitted to remain in US. When it comes to the eligibility for asylum status then it includes

  • You must present in United States
  • You are unwilling or unable to return to your home country because of past persecution
  • Reason for the persecution is related to five things

In case you are granted to asylum status then you are eligible to apply for the asylum green card. Your children and spouse are eligible for applying for the green card when they are admitted to US as Asylee. In case you are applied for the asylum status but not yet received decision then you must not leave United States without acquiring advance parole. You must contact your immigration attorney before traveling abroad with the pending asylum application. Various issues are available with the 150 days clock process. In most of the cases, clock got stopped without applicant knowing.

Useful information about Asylee status


In case you are an approved Asylee then you might not apply for the EAD and just apply for the social security card. Under second work permit eligibility, you should file form I-365 to apply for EAD. People can know about asylee status through online.  You must apply for the asylum within one year or reasonable time in given circumstances. Extraordinary or changed circumstances might include specific changes in conditions at your country, events and other factors. You must fill political asylum application form when you are looking to know about Asylee status.

Asylum status could be granted to people who have been persecuted on the account on particular social group. If you are already granted in US then you could be granted to asylum status. Eligibility is based on information which you provide to your application and interview with the immigration judge or asylum officer.