Butter is the most common and widely used ingredient in most of the Irish and American dishes, desserts and also the snack items. Actually the irish style butter is coming from the Ireland and it is usually made from the specialized cream which is slightly cultured. At the same time, it gives you a slight cheese flavor while using in the foods. Even though it is a particular style of European butter, this is completely different from some other European style butters. This is because this irish butter is made from the cultured cream thus it is also known as the cultured butter. If you are comparing it with the American style butter, that is called as sweet cream butter because it is made from the fresh pasteurized elite not from the soured/cultured cream.


Difference of the Irish butter:
  • Whenever you are considering the differences between the Irish butter and American butter, then the main different is what is the amount of milk left. The milk will allow the butter to get softer and it as well as contributes great to provide high protein value in the butter. This is why consideration of the amount of milk in the butters is the main difference between them. The US or American butter contains 80 to 82 % fat and 2 % more fat with the more milk. Whenever you are considering the Irish butter, it has over 2 % less milk so that is somewhat lesser in the amount of fat than the US butter.

  • Another difference between American butter and Irish butter is that most of the Irish butter is made from the type of milk from probably grass fed or pasture fed dairy farm animals. Thus, it has some slightly different values for the flavors, micro nutrients and some other vitamins.

  • If you are considering the Irish butter, it doesn’t contain bovine growth hormone which will possibly cause the autoimmune disease in the users but not in the US butter. So, the Irish butter is always safe for everyone. This is what makes irish butter different from the American butter.

  • American butter has a little bit more amount of water than the Irish style European butters. As the Irish butters are less watery, it is better used for the baking purposes than the US butter.

  • The flavor of the thick Irish butter is great in the bakery products whereas you don’t get the same from the US butters because it is watery than Irish butter.

From the European style Irish butter, you can get both the salted and unsalted butters as per the needs of the users. For both baking and butter cream icing, Irish butter is one and only the best choice at all the times. If possible, it is highly suggested to make use of only Irish butter not the US butter for your cooking, baking and all other needs to have an awesome taste.